This group is surfacing from some unresolved ideas which occurred to me while creating In Between and the Resolve. These new ideas require new leaves. This time I was very selective with the leaves I plucked, examining each one carefully and only picking leaves with suitable markings and scars. And this time, I was/am more dedicated to observing and savouring the process of decay, something I was unable to do with the leaves in 2018.

I noticed that the miniscule structures and textures of the decomposing and water logged leaves remarkably resemble the appearance of the earth’s landscape from an aerial perspective. I’ve always been interested in flying, topography, maps, and cartography; and it’s exciting to combine these interests while creating imaginary maps. It’s fascinating how small leaves resemble the patterns and textures one sees while flying over the earth in a plane.

This dual meditation of macro and micro invites viewers to experience multiple perspectives. I am enjoying creating these subjective illusions—leaving scale open for interpretation. Some depict unusual landmarks and trails connecting various points of mystery. Some images feel dreamy and fairylike, even painterly, while others are severe and raw—reflecting diverse landscapes and moods.

I also noticed that climate change is influencing and inspiring various scenes. Decomposing and disintegrating leaves, at times mirror fragmenting glaciers, flooded coastlines, and mudslides. Even land sculpted by glacial movement. I feel that in some way it is easier for me to fathom global warming while studying and photographing these small tangible organic objects as they decompose. It’s an exquisite and intimate experience being able to draw these likenesses together while photographing leaves.

As my lens travels across these leaves, I continue to see new scapes. More to follow, as I continue to explore.